For the 5 Hourly Pack, here’s a list of what we can help you with:

Marketing Automation:

Infusionsoft Services Available:

  • Campaign Building
  • Import and Export of Contacts
  • Contact Cleaning (De-Duplication)
  • Broadcast Loading and Sending
  • Building Landing Pages
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Membership Site Configurations (iMember360, Wishlist, Nanacast and CustomerHub currently)
  • E-commerce, Integrations, Shopping Cart Setup/Maintenance
  • Transferring Legacy Campaigns to the new Campaign Builder
  • …and likely more not listed here, feel free to use the questions box in the top left of the page to check we can deliver what you’re after

Office AutoPilot Services Available:

  • Loading and Sending Messages
  • Setting up Tags the right way
  • Creating Groups within Contacts for easier Management
  • Cleaning up your Contacts
  • Creating New Autopilots (Sequences, Date, Rule Based)
  • Setting up new Rules
  • Building Landing Pages
  • Implementing Real Time Website Tracking
  • Automated follow-ups before and after Events
  • Membership Site setup/Configurations
  • E-commerce Setups + Shopping Cart + Integration with other Shopping Carts
  • …and likely more not listed here, feel free to use the questions box in the top left of the page to check we can deliver what you’re after

WordPress Website Work:

  • Hosting Setup
  • Page Design / Repair work
  • Turn your site Responsive
  • Create a mobile version of your site
  • Membership Site setup and maintenance work
  • WPEngine Migration Work

Marketing Tracking Work:

  • Add Google Tracking to your Site
  • Setup Google Analytics for you

Our List of Additional Technology Areas We Implement for Clients Today:

  • Copywriting (Direct Response and Article Writing)
  • Online Advertising (Google, Facebook, LinkedIN, Bing)
  • Social Media Setup, Management and Monitoring
  • Zendesk Helpdesk Setup, Management and Configuration
  • Video Editing and Distribution
  • Email Marketing Campaigns (Setup and Maintenance)
  • E-commerce Platforms (Setup and Maintenance)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO = Google Rankings)
  • Direct Response Marketing (Multi Step Direct Mail Campaigns)
  • Webinar Design and Automation
  • Community Building…

…and more

Here’s What You’ll Expect for the 5 Hour Pack:

Once you order your 5 hour pack you’ll be sent a confirmation that your order has been received.

You’ll next receive a request from our support system for the details of your task (or task list). Once we receive your instructions, we’ll ask you questions to ensure we’re 100% clear on what you want, and from there, we will set expectations on the time it will take us to complete the work, and then we’ll deliver the work for you.

Once the work is complete, we will ask for you to verify it is complete to your satisfaction, and then we will make the task as complete.

You will receive a notification on how many hours the task took, and how many hours remain of your 5 hour pack.

Any hours remaining will never expire and can be utilised when you are ready.

Here’s How You Get Started:

Our 5 Hour Pack is $495.

Just click the order form link below, complete that, and the process will start for you:

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