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A Valuable Marketing Strategy to add to your Coaching Website

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This video is all about how to add a key marketing strategy to your website to help you get more business as a coach:


In this video:
00:43 Talking about websites and the follow up from your website
01:22 A great first step for your website
02:35 Made forty to fifty thousand dollars
03:14 Tools to use for a more […]

The One Thing You Should Focus on to Have an Effective Website as a Coach

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“If there’s one thing I should focus on with getting more results online, what is it?” Answer is here:


In this video:
00:26   Single thing you can do as a coach
01:42   The content for your videos
02:20   How to spread out the value that’s on your website
02:53   Adding lots of value to coaches
The Second F Of The Three […]

How to Design an Effective Coach Website to Get More Clients

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If you own a website, you’ll want to watch this video to check your website is ok in terms of effective lead generation for your coaching business:

In this video:
00:37   Going into detail on one of the F’s
01:31   Knowing how you layout your website
02:53   How to best design your website
The Three F’s For Your Website
Hey, this […]

What Equipment Do I Use To Record My Videos

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Discover the camera equipment that I use in recording my videos and a step by step process on how to use it really quickly.


In this video:
00:37  Tips and hints to get better at technology
01:47  The camera itself
03:15  A little tip about lighting
04:15  A quality recording sound
06:01  The monthly marketing machine pack
How To Record A Video […]

What’s the Right Way to Use Social Media As a Coach?

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Why You Shouldn’t Spend Lots of Time on Social Media As a Coach (oh and yes, it was really cold when I recorded this!!):


In this video:
00:22    The right way to do social media
01:28     How can you do that?
02:11     Other tips for your website
02:59     Three different offers
How To Use Social Media Properly
I want to talk […]