Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Coaching

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Here’s how make your life a lot easier and grow your business in terms of your own line foundation platform using WordPress.


In this video:
00:30  Jamie sharing something personal
00:53  What platform to use for a website
01:21  The reasons why WordPress is the best CMS
03:03  Step by step Build your Own Website inside of FastTrack
Make Your Life […]

What Makes an Authority Coaching Website?

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Spending a lot for your website yet still not generating any leads? The components of high converting websites for coaches are all explained here.


In this video:
00:19     Key components that make a website really successful
01:22     The 7 Steps Blueprint
03:21     How to get the right types of traffic to your website
04:20     Looking at the design of your […]

How Do I Structure My Website If I Have More Than One Target Market – Websites for Coaches

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In the series of Websites for Coaches – Today’s video is all about the best way to set up and structure a website for marketing your business in different target markets.


In this video:
00:32    How to best structure your websites
01:25    What Technology for Coaches is all about?
02:32    Leveraging the skills of marketing and technology automation
04:07    Smarter […]

Website Tips for Coaches: When Designing, Why Your Website is not for You

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Why its important to know what makes good website design for you as a coach

How to Use the Right Language on your Coach Website

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As a Coach, Language is a key part of your websites success – how well does yours do? I explain more here:


In this video:
00:33    The language on your website
03:14    A live Q&A call with the Solo Journey members
05:03    How to have a huge improvement in your online marketing
05:39    New technology foundation available

In this video, I’m […]