Three Tips to Help You Get Better with Webinars as a Coach

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In this short video, I walk you through three tips on how to make the most of Webinars in your Coaching Business:


In this video:
01:14 Three tips on how to get better at webinars
02:28 Technology services for you
03:10 Step by step how to webinar within Fast Track
How To Get Better At Webinars
Hey, this is Jamie McKean […]

Work Life Balance Is A Lie

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In this video:
00:15   Start getting a work life balance
01:00   Work life balance is a lie
02:12   5 different areas of life
03:26   Be careful with the work life balance
A New Tip From Technology For Coaches
In this tip today I’m going to talk about work life balance and how work life balance is really a lie?

How to better […]

How To Keep In Touch For A Whole Day (in 5 Minutes whilst eating your Breakfast)

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In this video I walk you through how I’ve setup a few tools, who all talk together, so that I can keep in touch with a large number of people throughout the day, but I only spend 5 minutes a day… here’s how:


In this video:
00:43   The way to keep in touch with a lot more […]

Another Tech Tool That Will Help You Save Time In Your Day

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In this video:
00:08  Helping you keep in touch with more people
01:06  What Buffer does?
01:48  How to use Buffer?
Today’s Technology Tip For You..
For today’s technology tip, I’m going to tell you about a tool which allows you to schedule updates throughout the day really easily.  So helping you keep in touch with more people in a […]

Amazon vs. Dropbox

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Learn how to setup storage to protect yourself in your own coaching business.


In this video:
01:20   The importance of storage for business protection
02:19   The difference between Amazon S3 vs. Dropbox and its uses
05:43   The two other storage alternatives
What’s All About Amazon and Dropbox?
I was asked a question recently about the difference between Amazon S3 and Dropbox […]