How To Share Your iPad Screen On Your Computer

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Ever wondered how you can share your iPad on your computer for coaching or presenting? This is how:


In this video:
00:19   The tool that you need
01:19   How AirServer works?
01:45   The two apps I use
Getting The Right Tool For You
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A Great CRM for Coaches

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Have you got a really good CRM in your coaching business? No? Then check this out:


In this video:
00:40   A smart Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for you
01:07   How does “Contactually” really work?
02:20   How to get help for “Contactually”?
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Getting Email Marketing Right – Here’s One Important Piece

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Learn the one thing you need to know, to make sure you don’t have to redo your Email Marketing in six months:


In this video:
00:32 A question with only yes/no answer
01:08 Forty minute overview on email marketing
01:24 Going to the next level
Do You Have Email Marketing In Your Business?
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