Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Coaching

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Here’s how make your life a lot easier and grow your business in terms of your own line foundation platform using WordPress.


In this video:
00:30  Jamie sharing something personal
00:53  What platform to use for a website
01:21  The reasons why WordPress is the best CMS
03:03  Step by step Build your Own Website inside of FastTrack
Make Your Life […]

CRM Tip for your Coaching Business

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In this technology tip, I’m going to share with you something to keep in mind when choosing a CRM for your coaching business.

In this video:
00:19 What to keep in mind when you’re looking at CRM
00:46 Here’s the tip!
01:58 CRM that’s highly recommended
02:32 Products that help other coaches with their Marketing
CRM For Your Coaching Business
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How To Search Your Email Without Getting Distracted By Your Inbox

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In this video I’ll show you a little trick to avoid getting distracted by your inbox, to keep you productive:

In this video:
00:51  A little tip in using Google email
01:07  Step by step process in Fast Track
01:51  How to add Gmail Search extension to Google Chrome
02:41  Another Gmail tip soon
You Can Work Smarter With Your Email
In […]

How to Integrate Infusionsoft and Your Google Email

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In this video:
00:21 A little tip regarding Infusionsoft
00:51 What it does when you send an email
01:10 Good thing about a tool called GmailCore
01:41 See more about Infusionsoft
Work Smarter With Infusionsoft Now
In this video I’m going to show you a little trick to work smarter with Infusionsoft. A little tool you can add in and it’s […]

How To Arrange Meetings With Clients And Prospects Easier

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In this video:
00:27 A tool that is going to save you time
01:26 What’s the tool?
02:11 Integrates beautifully with Google Apps
How To Better Organize Your Time
In today’s video I am going to give you a little trick how to be able to better organize your time and help people book time with you. So if you […]