As a Coach just starting out, you’ll be wanting to conserve cash.

That’s the reason this Professional Foundation Pack has been created.


a. You need a Solid Technology Foundation, including a Professional looking website to build your business

b. You want to focus on what you’re good at, instead of having to learn how to create your own website!!

c. and you don’t want to break the bank in the beginning – you’d much rather you spend your money on building and learning Marketing for your business, than spending anywhere from $3,000-5,000 on a new website!!

How It Works – Coaching Starter Website Pack

When you sign up for our $97 a month Coaching Starter Pack, this is what’ll happen:

1. You’ll get a welcome email with 9 questions (questions are below)

2. You’ll answer the questions to help us better understand you and your business

3. We’ll hand pick 3 of our ready made templates (from a collection of 50 (and growing)) that best suit what you need, and send those to you for you to choose from

4. You pick one & send us the content for your site

5. We build your website

6. We’ll connect your own domain name to your new website

7. You’ll have your new website

8. You’ll get access to training videos on how to add content to your own website (the training videos retail for $300 per annum and are included in the pack for you)

9. We will register your website with Google properly, so Google will start to index your site, so you can be found in Google search

10. We will setup Google Reporting, so you get a weekly email on how your website is performing

11. We’ll backup your website once a month for you (did you know that websites are regularly lost by malware/viruses and a simple back up monthly can cover that risk for you?)

12. When you add email marketing to your business, we’ll add your signup code to your website for you

13. “Headache Removal Service” – got a small change you want to make? Want to add social media links to your page? Something doesn’t look quite right? Want to change an image? Just three examples, either way – no problem, just email us, we’ll take care of it for you – save you having to worry about your website…

14. Looking for something extra not listed above? No problems, once we get started together, you let us know what you need, and we’ll estimate how long it will take – we cover this with our 5 Hour Pack.

What else is included in our Professional Foundation Pack?

What is included:

  • A selection of website designs for you to choose from
  • Up to ten pages setup for you in your website
  • Changes to the website design within the framework of the design you choose
  • Your Website Hosting – we take care of that for you

What is NOT included:

  • An email address (we recommend Google Apps – click here for details)
  • Purchasing your domain name (ie – you need to buy that separately (that’s sensible from an business ownership protection perspective)
  • Us creating your content for you – that’s for you to supply us (including words, images, etc)
  • Logo creation (we can do this for you through an addon pack)
  • Membership site setup (we can do this for you through an addon pack)
  • Changes to the website if it needs Website Development Coding

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Coaching Website Starter Pack

Q. Is it really only $97 a month for that big list above?

A. Yes. And we bill quarterly ($291 every 3 months).

Q. Is there a minimum contract time for this?

A. Yes, it’s expected to be a 12 month contract between yourself and Technology for Coaches – We will retain ownership of your website, hosting and backups for the first 12 months. Once you get to your 12 month anniversary, you will be given 100% ownership of your website and backups. This is to cover the 1-2% of those who’d think “I can sign up, get over $2,000 of resources and only pay $291!!” – but we know that’s not you 🙂

Q. Will I be able to update my own website?

A. Yes, you will get step by step how to training videos as part of your setup so you can be self sufficient adding new menus, blog posts, videos, pictures and more to your site

Q. What if I don’t like the choices that you send me?

A. There’s always a first, but we have over 50 ready made templates our design team hand pick from for you, so we’ll make sure you get something that fits you!

Q. What if I want a website designed just for me?

A. Not a problem, we do that too, check out the Monthly Automation Pack which includes a fully designed and built website for you: Monthly Automation Pack

Q. What are the questions you’ll be sending me when I order?

A. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

Here they are:

1. What is the url of your website? (i.e.

2. Is your site already setup, or is this a brand new site?

3. Whether existing or new, you can send us upto TEN pages of content that we will load into your new site (send those to us in an MS Word document (or text file) with Images (that you own the copyright for))

4. We will setup your hosting for you as part of your package, and will supply you with the details you need, please also send us details so we can link your domain name to your new hosting.

5. Please include a list of 3 sites that you really like the look of and you want to be similar to:

6. Logos –
For your new site attach the logos you want to use on your site for your new site

7. Colours – what colours do you want to see on your site? Either tell me the name of the colours, or if its part of your logo, tell me which parts here:

8. Menu Structure – if you’re able to articulate what your visitors will see, it helps the design team have everything ready to go, so what do you expect your menu to look like?

Recommended 4, no more than 8. You can attach drawings for this too.

9. Will your site be used for (say YES next to each one):

a. Posting Blogs
b. collecting email addresses
c. playing videos
d. social media sharing
e. downloading files
f. anything else not listed above:

10. Anything else you want to share that you think might help us?

Any Questions?

If you have any more questions, click on the “Support Tab” on this page (top left) and we’ll answer any questions

Ready to Get Started with your Coaching Website Starter Pack?

Click here to go to the order page for the Coaching Starter Website Pack: 

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