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Hey this is Jamie and you’re looking for help with Email Marketing.

How To Email Marketing….

There’s really three main things you need to know.

Where are you today with Email Marketing as a Coach?

Firstly is what stage you’re in with your email marketing?

If you’ve got no email marketing in your business today and you’re wondering which way to go forward then the best thing to do is watch the 60 minute training on “What You Need to Know about Email Marketing” and the Best Way to Get It Into Your Business. And that’s inside So click here then sign up free to now and watch the step-by-step video on “How to for Email Marketing”.

The second piece maybe that you’ve using Email Marketing but you’re at the wrong level.

You’ve realized that there’s more out there and you’re struggling with your current Email tool. So you probably or maybe using something like MailChimp  or maybe AWeber and you’re looking to go to the next level and you  just don’t know how to. You know there’s a way you’re not just sure how.

This is when you start going to want to look at something like OfficeAutoPilot  (OAP) or Infusionsoft as your options. And with OfficeAutoPilot (OAP) as well it’s got a baby brother – it’s called SendPepper.

For all of those and I go through them within FastTrack to explain the differences, so you can know what’s right for you.

Get On To The Next Stage…

As a third level, you’d naturally be going to go next as a coach to be smart and to be able to market to different segments of people, to different niches, to different avatars using my marketing language. If you’re at that level and you’re wanting to go to the next stage then it’s either Infusionsoft or OfficeAutoPilot (OAP).

Looking For Help?

And then lastly if you’ve already used OfficeAutoPilot (OAP) or Infusionsoft and you’re looking for help with that, you’re looking for the arms and legs to be able to implement things for you, or to give you advice on the best ways to set those up.

That’s what myself and my team do.

And you can find that more about that when you compare our packages here: Compare Marketing Tech Packages.

So that’s the Email Marketing.

You’ve really got the training at to be able to learn it yourself or visit our Package Page to see how we can help you.

So hopefully that’s helpful.

If you have any other questions or thoughts just go to the contact us page and ask any questions. Here to help.

This is Jamie

Bye for now