Why are membership sites important to your Coaching Business?

They allow you to:

1. More easily service you clients

2. Store your Intellectual Property

3. Delivery to Groups in a leveraged way

4. Retain clients for longer

5. And oh yes – Bring in a continual stream of recurring income

Maybe should have had the last in the list at the start?

The Membership Site Questions:

Either way, there are a few important questions before started with a Membership site:

1. Is it easy to use? (for you and your clients)

2. Can you automate everything? (ie someone pays you, and then is automagically added into your site AND added into your follow up email marketing?) – Imagine that – a completely hands free delivery?

3. Does it reflect your personal and professional brand?

4. Could one of your team easily look after it for you?

5. Will it be recurring or a one off investment? (many solutions out there go for the recurring to make more money off you, whereas a one off investment will be cheaper in the long run)

Yes Please!

Well, If you’re wanting everything above, then we can help.

If we’ve not spoken yet, why not arrange a 15 minute chat, and I can talk you through the process to make sure this is right for you – click here to arrange that.

How Long and What’s Next?

If we have spoken and you’re ready to get started, it will take us between 3-4 weeks to have your site ready for you.

Step 1 – For you to order (below)

Step 2 – We send you a list of questions

once we receive the answers…

Step 3 – We send you a draft design (we aim to have that to you between 5-10 days)

Step 4 – You approve the design (or send us feedback and we tweak until you’re happy)… once approved:

Step 5 – We Build your Membership Site

Step 6 – We pass it to you for your review… once approved:

Step 7 – We move it to it’s new home on your website address

If you’re ready, so are we! 🙂

Step 1:

Alternatively, you can get a Membership Site via our Professional Pack Plus Package – click here to find out more: Professional Plus Pack for Membership Sites