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In this video let’s talk about your e-mail.

A lot of coaches have tried to set up their own e-mail or have been supplied e-mail by the local companies, and now you have e-mails that may not be reliable, or when you’re travelling, they become a bit of a problem, or maybe your local provider has had some issues and you may have lost some e-mails in the past.

Take Away All Those Email Worries

I always strongly recommend Google to anyone who’s looking to move their e-mail to a very solid platform to take away all of those worries.  With Google – and specifically, I’m talking about Google Apps.  I’m not talking about Jamie at; I’m talking about using Google Apps.  And that’s the business version of Google that is really affordable; it’s only something like fifty dollars per mailbox per year.  So, if there’s just you as one coach, or if you have two or three people working for you, it’s really, really affordable.

From a Google Apps perspective, it means that you can use not only your e-mail and have your e-mail at your own address – one of mine is Jamie at, and that is all Google powered – but it also gives you the access to Google Docs, to Google Drive, – Google Docs is online spreadsheet’s and online word documents, Google Drive is extra online storage for you as well – and a whole host of other things within the Google package, all for that fifty dollars per person per year.

What Others Have Found…

The people I’ve helped migrate across to Google have never looked back.  They thanked me hugely, with the extra power and flexibility they have, and they know it’s one less thing they have to worry about in their business.  And, also, with Google as your e-mail provider, you have a lot more integration with a lot of other tools as your business starts to grow.

There’s lots of smart tools out there that you’ll learn either hopefully of myself, by giving you some tips through or within Fast Track, because the tools out there, whether they’re CRM’s to look after your sales pipeline’s, or contact management, and a whole host of other things, are all interconnected with Google automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it, you don’t have to pay extra; those companies have already gone to the effort of connecting with Google so you get those benefits.

How to Get Started on Google System…

There’s two ways to get on to Google yourself if you’re not on Google today.

#1 – You can do it yourself and there’s a step by step videos of “How-to” inside Fast Track.

So just sign-up to Fast Track and follow those videos if you want to do it yourself.

#2 – Or my team can help you do that in a step by step way and we do most of the technical heavy lifting for you so we do all the behind the scenes to make sure you have no down time, and then we give you step by step instructions on how you can move all of your old emails to the new Google system for you.

And that’s just downloading a piece of software on your computer, following a few clicks and it will migrate the old for you.

Your Two Options

So two options:

#1 – Do it yourself which is Fast Track and just follow the Fast Track links to sign-up for there if you have it already or;

#2 – You can get my team to do it for you and my team will do that for you – all completely done for you at $397 as a one of charge and we’ll look after that – however many users as you have – we’ll look after that step by step for you and if you want to do that, the link is below to get started on that – Google Migration Order Form

When you do sign-up you’re going to get instructions email to you of the steps that you need to follow and we’ll be able to hold your hand every step of the way to help that happen for you.

Any questions at all just visit the Contact Us or click on the Support button – ask any questions at all, we’re here to help.

My name is Jamie, and I look forward to helping you soon.

Bye for now