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IMG_3389I’m Jamie McKean, founder of Technology for Coaches. If you’re new to the world of Online Marketing as a Coach, this page is for you.


It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your own website (and online marketing) confidently!

This online stuff isn’t easy.

Making it work does not happen overnight, but I’ve dedicated myself to helping as many coaches (as possible) succeed online, and that’s why this site (and this page) is here.

I’m here to guide you through the maze of technology options, recommending tools, methods or training that I’ve used myself on my own journey. I’ll be sharing what works, and what doesn’t, so you can learn the quickest path to get your Coaching business online as smoothly as possible.

Let’s look at the three phases of Online Marketing you’ll need, in your Coaching practice:

The 3 Phases of your Online Coaching Business

Watch this 4 minute video, it’ll walk you through the components you need, to succeed online as a Coach:

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