Have you got a really good CRM in your coaching business? No? Then check this out:


In this video:
00:40   A smart Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for you
01:07   How does “Contactually” really work?
02:20   How to get help for “Contactually”?

A Smart Way to Always Keep in Touch

In this week’s technology tip, I’m going to talk to you about a really clever CRM – Customer Relationship Management Tool, which will be able to help you keep in touch with the people who are important, set a schedule to be reminded when the last time you kept in touch with people, and also integrate beautifully with the e-mail.

So, there’s actually very little you need to do, apart from look at the reminders every day to see who you should be in touch with today!

Let me get into it:

A really smart Customer Relationship Management Tool for Coaches…..

Let me share that tool with you in this video.

Hey, this is Jamie, founder of technologyforcoaches.com, and today I want to talk to you about a really smart CRM that I’ve been using in my business for over twelve months now and I want to share it with you and how I use it today.

The tool is called Contactually and it beautifully integrates with your e-mail, so it keeps a track of who you’ve kept in touch with.

Quite a lot of CRM’s today you manually have to go in and update and keep a track, but when you actually write your e-mails, it automatically synchronizes and keeps you up to date.

What it does as well is allows you to put people into buckets:

You create a bucket, and one bucket might say, “I want to keep in touch with these people every thirty days who are in this bucket.”  You might create a ninety day bucket; “I want to keep in touch with these people for ninety days.”  You may say, “I want a seven day bucket.”  And then you can actually drag and drop your contacts into these buckets and Contactually will monitor your e-mail and then remind you when you’re due to get in touch with someone.

Keep Updated With Everything

There’s a free account with Contactually, and also there’s a paid account, and the free account’s a little bit limited as in it will only remind you about X number of people, a smaller number, whereas the paid account – and it’s not a lot of money, I think nine dollars, it’s a small amount of money per month to be able to keep up to date with everything.

And also, it synchronizes beautifully with Google e-mail.  It synchronizes with Outlook and Google e-mail, and there’s a few others on the list, but the links below – Contactually and the link below also gives you a special offer that I’ve arranged with Contactually to help you get some more benefits from Contactually, just by following the link below:

A Great CRM for Coaches – Contactually and use this code for a 15% discount on your first three months: boldtech

If you have any questions at all, let me know.

More Extra Videos Coming Up!

And I’ve also had a few people asking me about how to get help for Contactually, so I’m planning on recording some extra video’s to put inside of Fast Track for the step by step, how to get the most out of Contactually.

So, if you like it, let me know.  Feel free to share this video to help other people.  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to put them in below.

This is Jamie from Technology for Coaches.

Bye, for now.

A Great CRM for Coaches