Learn the one thing you need to know, to make sure you don’t have to redo your Email Marketing in six months:


In this video:
00:32 A question with only yes/no answer
01:08 Forty minute overview on email marketing
01:24 Going to the next level

Do You Have Email Marketing In Your Business?

Hey this is Jamie and in today’s video I’m going to teach you one really important piece of email marketing.

If you don’t have in your business today you’ll probably have to redo your whole email marketing in about six (6) months.

Let’s get into it.

Hey this is Jamie McKean founder of technologyforcoaches.com and the tip today is all about email marketing. One thing I want to share with you is really a yes/no answer.

Do you have tags in your email marketing?

If the answer is, “What the hell is tags?”, then that’s probably a NO.

If the answer is “Yes, I’ve got tags.” Great you’ve at big advantage, because most coaches I speak to don’t have tags.

An Important Email Marketing Tool Today.

As I record this here I’m in a two day mastermind with other coaches, with high performing coaches and a number of coaches have come to me saying, “Which is the best email marketing tool for me?”, “Which one should I go with?

Well now what I’ve been doing is pointing them towards technologyforcoaches.com, which is a free step-by-step course and it gives about a forty (40) minute overview on email marketing of the things you need to keep in mind.

Why Use Tags?

But the simple point is if you don’t have tags in your email marketing then you’re not going to be able to start segmenting your lists, you’re not going to be able to be sharp with your marketing and your message to the types of people who sign up for your websites.

So when you want to go to the next level , whether that’s starting to coach different niches or target markets , whether that’s one too many coaching you’re not going to be able to do it. You’re going to have to start again. You’re going to have to really spend a lot of money cleaning your list. Maybe even throw your list out.

A Simple Tip For You Today

So simple tip for today: If you haven’t got tags start getting them in play today.

This is Jamie from technologyforcoaching.com.

Go and visit that website Jamies FastTrack. Sign up for the free step-by-step course.

It also shows you short list tools for you and if you pick one of those tools there is step by-step how to implement them properly as well.

Have a great day

Bye for now


Getting Email Marketing Right – Here’s One Important Piece