Ever wondered how you can share your iPad on your computer for coaching or presenting? This is how:


In this video:
00:19   The tool that you need
01:19   How AirServer works?
01:45   The two apps I use

Getting The Right Tool For You

In this video I’m going to show you how to turn your computer into a great educational tool.   How you can draw pictures, freehand, on your computer when you are trying to teach people concepts and you want to draw pictures and shapes and those kinds of things as part of your live calls, your consulting calls.  I’m going to show you the tool that you need to be able to get that working.

So let’s get into it.

Hey this is Jamie, founder of Technology for Coaches. In today’s video I want to tell you about a tool that, people ask me almost weekly, how do you do that Jamie and what they’re talking about is when I’m sharing my screen with people whether it’s in a go to webinar or a scoop session, and they see me draw live on the screen.  And how you do that is, when you’ve got an iPad, or another device—usually though iPads, you can actually share your iPad with a computer.

Are You Familiar with AirServer?

Now your computer doesn’t need to be a Mac specifically, mine are all Mac based,  but you can have a Mac or a Windows and the tool that you need, you don’t need anything extra on your iPad but the tool that you need to install on your computer is something called AirServer.

Airserver.com and the link is there.  It is about 20 or 30 dollars.  You install it on your computer, and what that allows you to do is to connect your iPad to your computer.  And it allows you then to share your screen, mirror your iPad on your screen and that allows you then open up any application on your iPad, any drawing application that’s your favorite.

Two Interesting Apps……

I use Notability or Pen Ultimate – are two apps that I use on the iPad and then I can freehand draw either with my little stylus, or even with my finger to draw concepts and shapes to be able to represent to people on the screen.

So that’s the tool that I use – it’s Air Server and I spent by the way quite a few months trying to work this out.  Spent quite a bit of money, even spent money $300 odd dollars on one of those drawing tablets to connect to the computer, and then about 3 days later found a $20 application so that drawing tablet went back to the shop and now I use my iPad today.

So hopefully that is helpful for you.

Any questions at all feel free to put them in below.  Feel free to share this video as well to help other people.

I look forward to sharing another tip with you next week.

Bye for now.

How To Share Your iPad Screen On Your Computer