Discover the camera equipment that I use in recording my videos and a step by step process on how to use it really quickly.


In this video:
00:37  Tips and hints to get better at technology
01:47  The camera itself
03:15  A little tip about lighting
04:15  A quality recording sound
06:01  The monthly marketing machine pack

How To Record A Video In Just Five Minutes

Hey, in today’s video, I’m going to talk about the camera equipment that I use to record these videos.  I get asked quite a lot what do I use, so I’m going to go through step by step how I use this, how it really only takes me five minutes to record a video, and how you can, too.

So, let’s get into it.

Hey, this is Jamie from Technology for Coaches, and today it’s behind the scenes.  I’m recording this to show you the set-up that I use to be able to record these videos for you, and I aim to record at least two videos a week, and that’s allowing me to get many more tips and hints out there to help you get better at technology and learn the new tools, or learn better ways to design your website, or hits and tips on marketing in terms of automation; all those types of things.

But a lot of people I speak to say “I can’t do that on video, it’s too hard, it’s too technical.”  So, what I wanted to do here was show you what the set-up is that I have, which allows me to do this really quickly.

So, I have my trusty – I say trusty – Samsung phone next to me here and I’m also recording video on this as well at the moment.  So, what I have, as I stand here, I’m facing the camera, so I’m just looking at the camera now and I’m going to have the video editing switch between the two, so you’ll see the video camera there, you’ll see the white board as well behind, so when I’m recording sometimes I’ll actually have some notes on the white board to be able to talk to when I’m doing a video, and I’ve got the tripod here, that’s just the bag for the camera, but the tripod allows the lens to be at eye level so that I’m looking directly at you when I’m recording the video.

The Camera I Use…

The camera itself is a Canon EOS 60D and on the front of that is a 50 millimeter lens, I think it says one to one point eight 50mill lens, and the beauty about the 60D is as you can see there, it’s got the little LCD display panel, it flicks out, so I can see where I am in the frame as I’m recording these videos for you.  Also inside the camera is a memory card, so a 32 gig memory card and you can see that little bag at the side here which is for my remote control.

Now, my remote control, which is in my hand here, this tiny little remote control, that allows me to get the focus right, and then press another button and the record starts.  So, I could be stood away from the camera, press a button, it does the focus, and then press another button and the record starts.  So, I don’t have to go back and forward, and it stops me being out of focus.

A Little Tip For A Lighting Perspective

From a lighting perspective, because in my office here, and this is where most of my videos are done, I have quite well positioned lights above me and the lighting actually is quite good from a video recording perspective, but if you need to invest in some lights, then there are some good light boxes and soft boxes, they’re called, out there, which you can then dot around your camera.  And if you’re going to record outside like I do sometimes, a little tip there is soft lighting.  So when you see me recorded, I’m usually stood in a little bit of shade so I’m away from the direct lighting and that allows me to come across with a really natural light and not squint, and there are some of my earlier videos where I am squinting, and I didn’t learn this trick, but every single time I’m recording, I’m learning and I’m getting better each time.

The Importance Of Sound Quality

The last piece of the equipment you need to know about – just press stop on that video – the last piece of equipment is my microphone.  So, I have a Lavalier microphone, it’s called Audio Technica OMNI ATR3350, that’s the little thing here, and this is the little Lavelier microphone, little lapel mic, which is just attached to me here.  You can usually see it in most of the videos, but I’m not too worried about you seeing this, because it doesn’t stick out, but the most important thing is that it’s close enough to my mouth to get a really quality recording sound.  Now that, by itself, is one of the biggest investments you can do. If you’re actually going to record on an iPhone or on a Samsung, I’m not on my iPhone, by the way, just trying a Samsung, but if you want to record on a phone and you don’t want to invest yet in a Canon, then you can still get a Lavalier mic and the quality, the sound is one of the most important things.

My friend Ryan, who’s a video expert, was a recent speaker at an event, talked about the sound, if someone’s watching a video, if the video’s a little bit grainy but the sounds good, they’ll watch it.  Switch that around, if the sounds grainy but the video is good, they’ll stop watching, because you can’t concentrate on it.  So, the sound is the most important thing.

Hopefully that’s helpful.  All of the links for my equipment here are below for you to be able to find.  They’re going to be different in different countries, so I’ve put links to the products versus an Amazon or something like that.  I bought all of these in New Zealand; all of these are available internationally.  The EOS60D, I think, has a slightly different name in America, but you look for the camera with the view finder and the equivalent of the 60D.  Important, too, is the 50 mil lens, that gives it that look behind me, see it’s a faded look behind me, so you can’t really see the background, you can see my face; that’s what the 50 mill allows to happen for information.

The Video Four Pack

So, hopefully that’s been helpful; that’s how to record a video really quickly.

I’ve stood here, pressed record, and now I’m recording this, the next stage then is how to do all the editing afterwards.

If you’re looking for someone to do all the arms and legs for you, then the team at Technology at Coaches does that today for a list of other clients; that’s our coaching video seo done for you pack, our four pack video pack, and you can find that as part of the monthly marketing machine pack that we have.

So, go have a look at that and see all the things that we do, and there’s a link as well on the video four pack, you can go and see all the things we do behind the scenes to take this video and to get it out to the world, to get you out to the world, and also to have a Google love, to get more people visiting, etc., etc., all there for you.

Any questions at all, feel free to ask in the comments below, and if you find this useful, feel free to like or share it.

As always, this is Jamie from Technology for Coaches, have a great day.

Bye for now.

What Equipment Do I Use To Record My Videos


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