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00:15   Start getting a work life balance
01:00   Work life balance is a lie
02:12   5 different areas of life
03:26   Be careful with the work life balance

A New Tip From Technology For Coaches

In this tip today I’m going to talk about work life balance and how work life balance is really a lie?

How to better understand it?

And how you can take advantage of that understanding and also help your own clients to really truly start getting a work life balance.

So let’s get into it.

How To Start A Work Life Balance That We All Strive For?

Hey this is Jamie, founder of Technology for Coaches and in this video there’s a little bit of a tie aggression from technology but technology is one piece of your business which will help empower you, help free up more of your time if you use it properly and help start towards the work life balance that we all strive for.

Now really interesting the topic of work life balance and I’m just reading a book at the moment called “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. Great book, strongly recommended and there will be a link below for the book.

Link to the book on Amazon: The One Thing

One topic in the book talks about how to work life balance is a lie. And I agree with him in the way he articulates it to say that to work life balance, instead of it being a state, it’s more of a constant struggle to get the right balance in life.

So work life balance is more of a verb than a noun.

It’s more of a doing thing and we’re all striving for that balance.

A great analogy he uses is from a ballerina to say that when a ballerina looks so effortless standing on one toe and they look like they’re floating. If you look really closely the foot that they’re on is shaking furiously to balance the rest of the body.

This then talks about well how do you balance yourself from a perspective of working with your clients, through to your family and things that are important to you.

And the piece that made me want to record this for you and share this today is a part where it goes on to talk about the five balls and as a business owner – as a coach this is really important for you to understand and also really important for you to be able to help other people with yourself.

5 Different Areas Of Life

And so they talked about 5 different areas of life.

And I just got quickly go and grab the book to make sure I get these five right for you, okay.

So the five areas of balance (I’ll make sure that my microphone is switched back on. The beauty of doing things quickly, hey)

The five pieces (And I got book in front of me, kindle – just having to look at it now).

  • Work
  • Family
  • Health
  • Friends and
  • Integrity

And imagine those five things as balls and imagine you’re juggling those balls.

Now the important thing to know is that you may be thinking that you juggling balls and you might be dropping some balls some days and other balls other days.

Think about to like this and this is the bit that really inspired me to record this for you today:

The work ball is a rubber ball and that can bounce, that can be dropped and that can be picked up again.

But the family, the health, the friends and the integrity are glass balls and if you dropped one of those you could scuff it, you could damage it or ultimately you could shatter it and it can’t be replaced.

Great Inspiring Point Today

So be careful with the work life balance.

Do read the book it talks about been be able to balance and his frame is the counter balance.

So, how to be able to counter balance instead of trying to weave it all together?

Do one thing properly.

Spend quality time with your family, switch off everything else.

Spend quality time at work to get great results because when you’re trying bridge the gap to often you’re going to dilute yourself.

Just wanted to share it, really great inspiring point for me today and hopefully that will help you too.

Would love to hear any feedback.

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Remember I’m not just sharing it with you for your help but you can share this with other people as well, to help them too.

So this is Jamie, Technology for Coaches.

Bye for now.

Work Life Balance Is A Lie