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Today’s Technology Tip For You..

For today’s technology tip, I’m going to tell you about a tool which allows you to schedule updates throughout the day really easily.  So helping you keep in touch with more people in a natural way throughout the day to save you time and energy your side, and to keep in touch with more people at a time.

So let’s get into it.

Hey this is Jamie, founder of Technology for Coaches, and in today’s video I want to tell you about a tool that when you start using it, it’s going to save you some time in your day.  And that’s what technology tools need to be all about, is freeing you up so you can get smarter with your day.

A New Tool To Save Time In Your Day

The tool I want to tell you today is something called “Buffer,” b-u-f-f-e-r, and it’s

And what Buffer does is allow you to post an update to all your different social networks, and then schedule them throughout the day.

Why is this useful?

Well if you’re there looking at a web page and you think, “actually that’s something I’d really like to share,” you can click a Buffer button on your browser, and it will queue that up and put that into the Buffer queue.

And then within Buffer, you can set it up to say that “I want to post five updates through the day, and I want them to go out at these times of the day”.  So it looks like it’s a natural posting from you, when you’re normally awake.  Very useful when we look after different time zones, so for your own time zone you’d set it up for you.

How To Use It?

And how I use buffer, is that when I’m at my breakfast and I’m reading different articles, I think, “that one’s a good one,” I press a button, and they start queuing up in Buffer.  And then they will naturally drip out during the day when I’m busy with clients, or with my team, or helping other coaches with their technology.

Buffer is delivering value-based content out to people who follow me, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn; and Buffer naturally puts those out for me, which really helps me work-in smarter with my time.

See Link Below

So that’s a quick one today, Buffer app, link below, a thank you to Lou (Lou Bortone), who showed this to me quite a few months ago, and it’s been an integral part of my business ever since.

So hopefully that adds value to you!

Any questions at all about, feel free to ask below, or feel free to share this and like this so other coaches can benefit from it.

This is Jamie, Technology for Coaches.

Bye for now.

Another Tech Tool That Will Help You Save Time In Your Day