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How To Better Organize Your Time

In today’s video I am going to give you a little trick how to be able to better organize your time and help people book time with you. So if you spend a lot of time going back and forth on emails with people trying to arrange times or you keep leaving voicemail messages and playing phone tag to try and get a time in someone’s diary, I am going to show you a tool that is going to save so many hours and then you will really probably start sending me Christmas presents.

So let’s get into it.

Hey, this is Jamie from Technology for Coaches.

What It Allows You To Do

In today’s video I want to tell you about a tool I have been using now for a few years. It saves me huge amount of time. I can’t even articulate how much it saves me but really really useful.

What it allows me to do is when someone wants to have some time with me whether it is a half an hour session or an hour session, I can email someone a link, they can click on that link and they can see my diary. They can see times in my diary and then they can pick a time that is useful for them, they can book it and then it automatically goes into my diary.

Instead of having to say I have got these three days available or these two hours available, this time slot and this time, I just send them one link and the meeting appears in my diary and we have the meeting.

What’s The Tool?

The tool is called

Okay, there is a link below here and I think it cost around $50 a year, only 50 bucks a year and seriously the amount of hours it will save you if you do have lots of meeting with people?

It is a no-brainer, it really is.

You could have multiple times of meetings setup, say you could have a 15 minute meeting; you could have a 30 minute meeting or a 60 or 90 minutes. You can create a link and also it allows you to book certain times in your diary that is only available.

So for me, I block out my mornings to work on my businesses and spend time on family trouble, kids, school and things like that and so people can only book time with me in the afternoons. Also it integrates beautifully with Google Calendar. So Google Apps and Google Calendar and it also integrates with Outlook as well. So it means that it will actually look at your diary and say, “Okay Jamie, you only allow me to book a time in the afternoons, so I’m looking in the afternoons and I can see that you already have meetings so I am only going to make these slots available.”

How Much It Will Cost You

It does it all for you, 50 bucks a year, I think.

Go have a look

As a coach, if you are organizing meetings or even diagnostic sessions or sessions in your sales process or even sessions with your clients, TimeDriver is an absolute must.

Makes you look a lot sharper and more effective and it also saves a whole lot of time.

Hopefully you have enjoyed that tip.

Love to hear from you below. Feel free to add any comments or questions or feel free to share this video to help other people.

This is Jamie, Technology For Coaches.

Bye for now.


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