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00:21 A little tip regarding Infusionsoft
00:51 What it does when you send an email
01:10 Good thing about a tool called GmailCore
01:41 See more about Infusionsoft

Work Smarter With Infusionsoft Now

In this video I’m going to show you a little trick to work smarter with Infusionsoft. A little tool you can add in and it’s going to help you in your day keep in touch with your clients a lot easier.

Let’s get into it.

Hey this is Jamie from Technology for Coaches.

Here’s the Tool

And in today’s video I want to show a little tip regarding Infusionsoft. Now a tool that I’ve had installed for quick a while is a tool called GmailCore and this is a tool that was designed to be able to connect your Gmail or your Google Apps account to your Infusionsoft.

How It Works…

What it does is when you send an email via Infusionsoft in the Automated Marketing or even if you send a message from inside of Infusionsoft manually or a broadcast and if you were to send a message to the contact inside of your Gmail then what it does is sync them together.

That means when you go into a contact record you can see the whole history of any emails that you’ve sent via either Infusionsoft or via Gmail. So it allows you to be able to keep up to date any communications at all. It doesn’t matter on what platform you’re using to communicate with customer.

The other good news about GmailCore is it was a paid product that I was paying for very happily monthly but it’s just been in the past week been acquired by Infusionsoft and so now I believe it is a free add on that you can add on in the marketplace.

What You Need To Do?

So what you need to do inside your Infusionsoft is go to GmailCore.

Go find it.

Go install it and watch then your Gmail and your Infusionsoft work more nicely together.

This is Jamie, hopefully that is a help?

More of Infusionsoft

If you want to see any more of Infusionsoft then go and have a look up at Automating You which is a website I’ve set up deliberately designed to help people.

Learn more about how they can automate themselves so Automating you for your business.

Go and have a look and you can even have an awesome automation experience where I show you some things that Infusionsoft can do. Just need to work through that process.

This is Jamie, Technology For Coaches.

Have a great day.


How to Integrate Infusionsoft and Your Google Email