In this video I walk you through how I’ve setup a few tools, who all talk together, so that I can keep in touch with a large number of people throughout the day, but I only spend 5 minutes a day… here’s how:


In this video:
00:43   The way to keep in touch with a lot more people
01:14   The apps to use
02:24   Things you need to do
03:56   Adding value to prospects and clients

A Little Trick To Keep In Touch With People

In this video, I’m going to share with you a trick that you can put into your business today, that if you use an iPad, on a daily basis, like I do, to read the news, in the morning or to keep up to date with things, usually over breakfast. I’m going to show you a little trick that’s going to allow you to keep in touch with people all the way through the day, without adding anymore time to your day. I’ll show you the trick, and I’ll show you the ingredients of what you need in the video.

Let’s get into it.

Okay, in today’s video what I want to share with you is a way to keep in touch with a lot more people throughout your day, without spending really anymore time your side. It takes probably less than an hour to set this up, and then once you set up, it’s going to be built into every single day that you’re looking to add value to people. It senses around having an iPad, so if you use an iPad like I do, there’s only four more things that you need to add into your day to make this all work.

The Ingredients That You Need

I’ll just give you the scenario of how I use it. So, over breakfast, I read my iPad, and I use an app on iPad called Flipboard. Okay, so that’s one of the ingredients, Flipboard, which is a free app on the iPad. As I’m reading Flipboard, which is feeding through my Google Reader, so my, the feeds that I want to read, and Google Reader is the second ingredient by the way, so Flipboard and Google Reader. As I’m reading my Google Reader when I like something, and I think it’s going to add value to people, I star it.

So, I click on the little star and say I like that one. Now when I press that star it automatically gets sent to a third app called Buffer. Okay, so Buffer is an app which allows you to schedule tweets or Facebook posts to go out automatically a number of times a day. And all of these three are joined together the Flipboard, the Google Reader, and  the Buffer app are joined together by the fourth and last piece which is a tool called If This Then That and the website for that is – If This Then That.

How To Use It?

So, what you are going to need to do is with your iPad, have the app Flipboard, have a Google Reader account set up and connected to Flipboard and then what you do is you log into and set up a buffer account. Okay, which will connect to your Twitter and to your Facebook and to your LinkedIn If you want it too, okay.

In Buffer app you can set up times of days your side of the world that you want it to be posted out so it looks natural that it goes out different times of the day, and then we go to If This Then That,, register a free account, you then join your reader, Google Reader account and your Buffer app account. You join those two together and it says if Google Reader post is starred then sent to Buffer. And that’s what the does, it’s really easy to use. Step-by-step really easy to use and so when that, what that means is, when I’m then reading my posts I press star, it automatically goes into the Buffer queue, and if I star 5 or 6 in a day then when it goes through the day it will be automatically drip fed out to people all through the day while I’m just working normally and that all happened over breakfast for me.

Links Below For More….

So, hopefully that is a really great tip your side. As I said, it will take less than an hour to set those up. All the links that you need are in the article above (and below), that you can follow and that should start helping you keep in touch with a lot more people through the day to add value to prospects and clients your side each and every day.

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And I’m hoping this added some type of value to you.

This is Jamie, have a great day


1. Flipboard

2. Google Reader

3. Buffer App

4. If this then that

How To Keep In Touch For A Whole Day (in 5 Minutes whilst eating your Breakfast)