To Protect you and your business, you want to install a tool that is both easy to use and highly affordable.

Dropbox is one of my ‘hands-down’ favourite tools for this.

Why? Because:

a. It just works

b. Once its setup, it doesn’t need you to do anything extra

c. Gives you 2GB of free backup, which will cover pretty much all your business files (unless you need large pictures or video backups)

d. Meaning your business files and folders are now all backed up

It’s also very easy to download, install and get started – just click on this link, and you’ll get 250Mb extra free because you know me 🙂 – LINK: Dropbox Download Page

Keep reading for the Steps of ‘How To’…

The Steps…

What are the steps to have it installed and protecting you?

Glad you asked:

1. Visit Dropbox website – Dropbox Download Page

2. Download Dropbox

3. Install Dropbox

4. Signup for a FREE account

5. Follow the small training steps once you’re signed up

6. Copy/Paste (or Move) all your important files and folders into your DROPBOX folder

7. Use the DROPBOX folder from now on for any files you want protected

8. Dropbox will now automatically backup your files and folders that are inside the DROPBOX folder for you

You’re done.

Extra Trick…

As an extra clever way to use dropbox, you can install it on more than one machine in your home, using the same dropbox username and password, to have copies of the same files replicated across all those machines.