You record.

We do the rest.

It’s as simple as that.

Benefits of Video Marketing

With video marketing nowadays, you can get your face and your message out to more and more people locally, nationally and internationally.

The more people you can be in front of, the more opportunity you have to build trust and credibility and get your message to more of those who you are meant to help.

You may already really enjoy getting your message out using video marketing, but you want someone to do all the heavy lifting for you after you’ve recorded (that’s what we do).

Or you may be new to video marketing, and you want to focus on getting better in front of camera, learning how to more masterfully convey your message, and start to enjoy the camera (and if someone can do all the techhy stuff after the recording, it’ll take a huge weight off your shoulders).

How It Works

Once you record your video, you’ll save it into dropbox, you’ll email us a few details (we supply you with a template), and we will:

1. Edit your video – remove (or move) the bloopers, the beepers and anything else you bring to our attention

2. Add the professional animation (they’re called ‘Bumpers’) which we’ll give you as a bonus in your first Video Marketing order with us

3. Run your video through professional editing tools to balance the sound, colour, light for your video

4. Add captions (if you would like us to)

5. Copy your video to AmazonS3 (as a backup for you)

6. Publish your video to YouTube (with correct SEO settings)

7. Transcribe your video (assuming your video is 7 minutes or under)

8. Create a summary time stamped bullet point list

9. Load your Video, Transcript and Summary to your WordPress blog

10. Either send you a draft for your review, or publish it to live with your prior permission

11. We then create trackable google links for each of the networks you’ll publish on (ie Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, etc)

12. We will then publish your new Video Marketing blog post to all your networks for you

13. And send you a trackable link that you can send out via your own email marketing

14. You’ll be able to review your Google Analytics reporting to accurately track your Video Marketing efforts

15. Lastly, we take the audio from your video, create an mp3 and can load it to your site as your podcast (if you have a podcast)

How To Get Started?

If you would like our help to do everything after you record, Step 1 is Registering, Step 2 is sending us your video – just complete the form below, and we’ll email you our ready-to-go template, that shows you what we need from you, for us to do everything for you:

Step 1 – Register:

NOTE: there is no minimum contract, you can cancel at any time, and you can use your Video purchases anytime from today through to 12 months from the date of purchase.