This video is all about how to add a key marketing strategy to your website to help you get more business as a coach:


In this video:
00:43 Talking about websites and the follow up from your website
01:22 A great first step for your website
02:35 Made forty to fifty thousand dollars
03:14 Tools to use for a more advanced business

Follow up For Your Websites

In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about websites. I’m going to be talking about follow up for your websites, and why having a fantastic website is half of the equation and why follow up is the actual lucrative second half.

So, let’s get into it.

Hey, this is Jamie, founder of Technology for Coaches, and I brought myself outside today.

People ask me why do I live in New Zealand, and even though today’s a bit of a wintery day and I have seventeen layers on to keep this Englishman warm, you can see the type of view behind me; it’s a very beautiful place to live.

Not here to do a tour of New Zealand, though, here today to talk about websites and the follow up from your website.

What Do I Mean By Follow Up?

Keeping in touch with someone who’s gone to your website, they’ve shown an interest in you, so likely they’ve signed up for something, and then making sure you stay front of mind with them. Not only staying front of mind, but staying front of mind with relevant information. So, when they expressed an interest with you on your website, they are actively wanting something, and more importantly, they’re actively wanting something that you have to offer.

So, if you have an offer on your website, download this or sign up here for this, it’s a great first step.

But the question now is how well do you follow up?

I don’t specifically mean that you pick up the phone and you phone them, but what I mean is how well do you follow with e-mail marketing?

And yes, you could be very clever and you could do e-mail marketing, you could do SMS marketing, you could post things to them as well, and you could do phone calls, but even if you have basic follow up on your e-mail, and you have it frequent and valuable to the person who’s shown an interest in you, then while they’re taking their time to make a decision, you keep adding the value, you keep building the trust with them, and so when they are ready to buy, they will choose you.

Many, many coaches today fall down on this, that they might have a sign up here, but they’ve gone with a free Mail Chimp, or another free e-mail marketing tool, they haven’t invested the small amount to invest, twenty or thirty dollars a month, to actually set that system up. Then you’re missing out on a huge amount of decisions that happen after the fact.

In my first year of my own coaching business, I probably made forty to fifty thousand dollars purely off the e-mail marketing follow up of people who responded to my e-mails, which were automated, to say “Jamie, I’m ready to talk to you now.”

That number has since increased when I’ve spent more and more time growing my business online, but for you, in the early stages of your coaching business potentially, or even as a top level coach, really advanced looking to grow even further, you want to be taking advantage of e-mail marketing.

If you don’t have it in today, go to Fast Track, sign up for Fast Track, and follow the e-mail marketing overview videos, and a step by step how to build it.

For More Advanced and Sizeable Business

If you’re looking at more advanced, and you have a sizeable business today and you want to get smarter, what do I mean by smarter, well it means that someone might be thinking of a certain topic, but then they think of a slightly different topic, so you can automatically switch them to different follow ups, and different topics, and keep adding value, and you can automatically do lead scoring, which says if they open five e-mails and if they click on five links, give them certain points, and at certain points move them to different campaigns, or even give me a task to phone that person, because they’ve shown so much interest.

There are tools out there that can do that today.

If you are in that advanced level and you want some help with that, just go to the contact us page and get in touch and we’ll have a chat to see how we can help.

Five Hour Pack Available In Technology for Coaches

If you’re just getting started, jump over to Fast Track, the videos are there. If you want to get someone to set this up for you, then there’s a five hour pack available in Technology for Coaches, and my team are well versed and trained in everything from AWeber, SendPepper, Office Autopilot and Infusionsoft, to be able to build these things for you.

So, hopefully this has been valuable today, the tips in today, feel free to share this, feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

My name is Jamie, founder of Technology for Coaches, and this video has been all about how to improve your website and how to improve follow ups to help you get more business as a coach.

Bye for now.

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A Valuable Marketing Strategy to add to your Coaching Website