If you own a website, you’ll want to watch this video to check your website is ok in terms of effective lead generation for your coaching business:

In this video:
00:37   Going into detail on one of the F’s
01:31   Knowing how you layout your website
02:53   How to best design your website

The Three F’s For Your Website

Hey, this is Jamie from a wintery New Zealand today and I’m going to be talking about three F’s for your website.  Going to be talking about frequency, going to be talking about follow up, and I’m going to be talking about the letter F to help you design a better website.

So, let’s get into it.

Hey, this is Jamie, founder of Technology for Coaches, and today’s video is going to be about the three F’s.  What I’m actually going to do is go into detail on one of the F’s, and record the other two F’s in other videos for you, just so we can take one actionable piece from this video to be able to put this into your business.

So, the three F’s of websites are frequency, follow up, and the actual letter F.  I’m going to start with the letter F for your websites.

What do I mean by that?

The Importance Of A Website Layout

Well, the capital F if you were to apply that on your website, the capital F across your screen, that’s how people read a website.

What do I mean by that?

When someone is looking at your website, they’ll come to the website and their eye will go across the top of your website, that’s the top part of the capital F.  Then they’re going to come down a little bit with their eyes, then they go along the middle, which is the next part of the F, and then they carry on going down.

Why is this important to know?

This is important to know how you layout your website.

If you overlay a capital F on your website, are there key things that you want someone to see on that F?  If the answer’s no, then you need to start looking very quickly at redesigning your website.

How Do We Know The Capital F?

There’s tools out there today, a couple I’ve mentioned in past videos, one called Click Tale, one called Visual Website Optimiser, that allow you to actually have hit tracking on your website.  And what hit tracking does is it tracks where the mouse goes on the website.

Why is this important?

When people are reading a book, it’s like when people are reading a book, they use their finger to watch where their eyes are going, to keep a line, to keep a track.

Most people do the same with a mouse, when they’re reading the screen, they move the mouse with their eyes that means then that we can actually track where people’s eyes go on your screen.

What To Take Advantage Of…

It’s a bit Big Brother, 1984 style, but the technology’s out there today, and the mathematicians and the marketing statisticians who’ve done all that tracking have proven that the eyes go in a capital F, so we should take advantage of that.

So, looking at how to best design your website as a coach, from a websites for coaches perspective, we want to look at this capital F on the overlay, and likely across the top we’re going to have an offer of some sort, probably one of the best offers you have from a low risk perspective at the top, and then the next one along would be a second offer, on the second part of the F, and then down the tail of the F will be valuable content.

Which is why on quite a lot of websites, you’ll see sign up boxes on the right hand side, and on the smarter websites, you’re going to see two types of sign ups, or links to offers on that capital F.  So, look at your own website, see if the F is there, if it’s not, you want to start making changes, if it is, make sure that your top offers are there.

For More Help

If you need help with that, then you can go and have a look at our website offers page here on Technology for Coaches, we can do a website assessment for you to check it out for you, or there’s even a five hour pack, if you want us to jump in and make some changes on your website if you need some help for that.

So, this is Jamie, founder of Technology for Coaches, and in the next couple of videos, I’m going to talk about those other two F’s, which is frequency and follow up.

Bye for now.

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How to Design an Effective Coach Website to Get More Clients