As a Coach, Language is a key part of your websites success – how well does yours do? I explain more here:


In this video:
00:33    The language on your website
03:14    A live Q&A call with the Solo Journey members
05:03    How to have a huge improvement in your online marketing
05:39    New technology foundation available

In this video, I’m going to talk about the language to use on your website and a great question asked to me today from a live coaching session I did this morning, and I wanted to share the answer with you to help you design a more effective website, to help you increase your conversions and increase people signing up to your lists, increase people buying from you, all from being very specific about the language that you use on your website.

So, let’s get into it.

Hey, this is Jamie, founder of Technology for Coaches, and today’s video tip is all about the language on your website.

I get really, really, really frustrated, and it’s almost a rant tonight, I apologize in advance for ranting on camera, but I get frustrated when I come across websites of people who says we’ve been doing this since blah blah blah, my website’s been here since 1742, I’m the best thing since sliced bread, and let me tell you other things that I’ve done, all about me.  That’s just rubbish.

I could pick a few other words, but just don’t do that.

The Design Of Your Website

Your website should be designed for the people who are visiting your website; the language you use on your website should be talking to the visitors.

The visitor isn’t looking to see how wonderful you are and everything about you, they are on your “About You” page, and on your “About You” page, you can talk all about you, because it’s all about you, that’s okay.

Every other page is about the visitor.

Why is it important for the visitor?

What are their problems and challenges today that you can help them with?

You should be thinking about what’s the top problem and what’s the top three problems that my visitors have.

Who are my visitors, firstly, what are the problems they have, and what’s the result I can give them, what’s the solution and what’s the offer that I have that will help fix their problem?  But when you explain that, you’re not talking about this is what I have for you, you say, “Do you have this problem?” And they say,”Yes, I do.”

Well, then this is what I have for you.

That’s the very simple version.

On Technology for Coaches, you’ll see down the side buttons which say do you have this challenge or do you have this problem, click me.

And if you do have that problem and you do click that button, it will then take you to a page which will say, “If you’ve got this problem, these are the types of things that you’re probably experiencing, these are the types of results you’d like to have instead, this is how you can do it, and here’s an option for you.”

I’m talking directly to someone’s problem.

Nowhere in there as you read through am I saying look at me, click here if my great stuff is great for you; I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about the visitor.

If you have a web designer who is saying to you this is the language you should be using all about you, and designing a big, beautiful pretty site, which is got all language about you, then, I’m sorry, you want to fire them, or you want to learn about the marketing and be able to do the right language to get on your website, or both.

Live Q&A Call With The Solo Journey Members

The live call I had this morning was the Solo Journey, which is every two weeks I have a live Q&A call with members of The Solo Journey, if you want to find out more there’s

I don’t actually tell a lot of people about it, it’s more of an underground thing, but what it is, is that in there, I have someone who’s getting a website developed and they were asking, should I call myself this or should I call myself that as a term.  I’m not going to share the details, because it was confidential as part of the call, but they were giving themselves a name.

So, let’s say it would be, as a couple of examples, let’s say am I a business coach or am I a business consultant, and I want one button on my website to say business coach and I want one button to say business consultant.

When a potential prospect is visiting the website, are they going to click on coach or consultant?

Probably not.


Because that’s not what they’re looking for, they’re looking for a solution to their problem.

They probably have a problem in their business and they need to solve it.

They may have an HR problem, how do I deal with a challenging member of staff?   And then if they went to your website and it says do you have a problem with challenging staff, yes, I do.  Or from a business consultant perspective, I want to grow my business, I need to double my revenue, and if on your website, if there’s a button saying do you want to double your revenue, click here, yes, I do, that’s the problem that I want fixed, and then you can have further information behind it.

A Quick Recap…

So, to summarize, for your website language, make sure that you’re talking in the language answering questions that your visitors are asking.  Do that, and you’re going to see a huge improvement in your online marketing, use that same language throughout, your website, your e-mails, your e-books, your videos, anything that you do, make sure that you’re talking to one person and you’re talking to them about their problem.  So, this video is all about how to help you with your online marketing, how to get more marketing conversion by using the right language on your website.  That’s a challenge that quite a lot of people have today and that’s what this video is about today.

The Foundational Pack Just For You

If you want any help with your website, by the way, then pop over and have a look at the new offers that are available in the products section of Technology for Coaches. We have a new technology foundation available to help a lot more coaches who normally can’t afford the three, four thousand dollars to get a website.

So, go have a look at that, the foundational pack, and if that’s right for you, cool, go have a read and let me know if you have any questions at all.

This is Jamie, Technology for Coaches.

Feel free to share this video if you found this valuable.  Remember that the language is super, super important for your website, and I look forward to hearing how you get on from here.

Bye for now.

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How to Use the Right Language on your Coach Website