In the series websites for coaches, this article has a number of website tips for coaches: website tips for coaches

I wanted to share an important point about your website as a coach – whether you’re looking to get a new one, or refresh your potentially aged one today.

Website Tips for Coaches: Your Coaching Website is not for you

That might sound strange

What do I mean?

Too many people design their website and say ‘that looks nice’, or ‘i’m happy with that’.

And yes, that’s ok to have that perspective on your website, because after all, it represents you on the web, especially if you’re building your Marketing around Personality Marketing (ie putting yourself out there).

But remember this:

  • You’re not buying from you.
  • You’re not deciding whether to work with you or not.
  • You’re not the one with the problem that needs fixing.
  • Your visitors are.

Yes, you can and should use your website to filter people who you’re not right for – that’s a really important part of your website / marketing approach.

The quicker you filter out the wrong types of people, the better it is for you and them.

A friend of mine uses swear words on his blog. I never would, that’s not my style, but it’s his, and he then repels those who don’t enjoy that, and on the flip side, attracts those who do.

So yes, be you, but remember your website needs to be designed so those looking for your help, can find you, and find a little of the help they’re looking for, to then lead them down a path you’ve designed, to help them find out more.

There’s a scientific design view here via How Human Centric Web Design Improves Your Workflow

But to simplify that, put yourself in the shoes of someone who has a problem that you have a solution for, and design your website around giving them an experience to find thier results…

What Downloads to Offer on Your Coaching Website

Whether that’s:

a free download (with follow up email marketing to keep front of mind with them),

a request a call (if you’ve built enough trust up to that point (which by the way is highly unlikely, so this strategy is often used incorrectly by coaches))

or insights into how they can solve their problems

Your job is to design a path

With language that’s you, and that resonates with your visitor (or prospect, whichever term fits best your side)

And a clear answer to the question ‘what do i do next?’

If your web designer is focusing on the pretty, you might want to find another designer – or preferably a team of designers who understand Marketing for Coaches Online, and who also understand the early stages of building trust with someone who needs your help.

And yes, Technology for Coaches was designed just for that.

To help Coaches with Technology (including Websites), to make sure you know what to look out for when setting up your own site for your own coaching business.

Why did we setup Technology for Coaches?

Because if we help Coaches be more successful online, then you can help more people with your innate coaching skills

A win win.

If you want to find out more about our own Webiste Coaching Package, check out this page: Professional Coaching Pack

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