Spending a lot for your website yet still not generating any leads? The components of high converting websites for coaches are all explained here.


In this video:
00:19     Key components that make a website really successful
01:22     The 7 Steps Blueprint
03:21     How to get the right types of traffic to your website
04:20     Looking at the design of your website
07:40     Examples of a well designed websites

The Key Components Of A Successful Website

I’ve been asked the question which I’ve had now a few times. The question being, “I’ve spend a lot of money on my website; why isn’t working, why is it not generating me any leads?” Now that same question applies to if you just about to get started with your website or you’re just looking at the design for your websites. These key components that make a set website really successful as a lead generation machine and in this video I’m going to go through those so that you can learn, so that you can start applying it to your own website today.

So let’s get into it.

Hey this is Jamie, founder of Technology For Coaches. What I’m going to do in this video, I’m going to switch from camera over to screen and I’m going to start talking you through the components and share you examples of what works really well on a high converting website. So let’s move over the computer right now.

Okay so let’s talk about the components of a high converting website and I’ve come to the drawing here so that I can actually draw it out for you. It’s better to have it visual because then you can apply this to your own website.

The 7 Steps Blueprint

Now whether you’ve seen this already but I have seven steps, my 7 Steps Blueprint. You can find each of the steps on video one at a time on jamiemckean.com. But in those sevens steps, I take you through the process talks about:

  1. You
  2. Your Avatar – the person who is your target market
  3. Your Offers – the right offer for the right person.

Now in a really quick summary you might have 5 or 6 Avatars but what we want to do is we want to take one of those Avatars, the best one and then have the right numbers of Offers for that Avatar. Okay so we might have three Offers for one Avatar.

  1. Your Marketing
  2. Your Sales

For numbers 6 & 7 you can find that more in jamiemckean.com. But what’s most important for our website is going to be these top three here:

  1. Avatars
  2. Offers and
  3.  Marketing

Why? Because a very specific person – Your Avatar who’s up here is looking for a very specific something and you you’ll have created the Offers that’s just specific to that person. Now with those offers you then want to have marketing on your website which is largely web pages and blogs attracting those types of people.

The Right Traffic To Your Website

So this is the how you make sure you get the right types of traffic to your website, okay. So traffic is the first important point making sure your blogs and your pages are feeding people to your Offers and you need to do a lot of that. You can’t just set up a website and leave it and then hope people come. That’s not what a website is nowadays. A website to get, when people are searching for you, Google has been the biggest source of searching. They’re searching for answers to question and your blogs and pages should be answering questions and your Offers will be taken among the logical next step. So that’s how we do traffic and also focus language as well. So making sure your language is right. So that’s the concept that a high level to be able to make sure that you’re having the right information on the website to start converting leads which is really good.

Now what we want to do now is look at the design of your website. From a design perspective what we want to do is this. We want to have a website that, remember it’s all about building your authority. Now another videos I’ve talked on website designs so if you’re looking for a specific website design tips then Technology For Coaches has five or six different videos all about website tips. But I’m going to quickly summarise it here.

Website Design Tips

On a website we have something called the Fold. Let’s say there’s the dotted line here then I’m going across the bottom. Let’s make that dot a bit bigger. When you look at your computer screen anything below the bottom of your screen is below the Fold. Everything above is the most visited part of your site. So what we want to do is make sure that the top part of this is as effective as possible.

The banner here is going to have a logo, it’s going to have effective menu and if you can you’re going to have some type of call to action or next step here. Now as an example Technology For Coaches I have phone numbers in there so people can contact us if they want, as calls to action on top corner.

The next part of your website and in one of the videos I talked about the capital F but we’ve had calls to action down the side here. Visible calls to action and this Your Offers taking people to the next step. And what also you’re going to have is your blog entries here so the blog entries answering very specific questions to your very specific target market so when they go to your site they look at and say, “Wow this is dedicated to me.”

Now every time they click on one of the blogs the design stays the same and then they would read your blog so whether this is the blog summary page which is your front page all the detail you want the blog here so that when people are reading it your offers are visible to them because if you’re talking the right language to the right people then your offer will be the logical next step when they say, “I want to find out more.”

Don’t make it hard for them there’s a book called “Don’t Make Me Think”.

Make it really easy for someone reading your blog to then go to next step and the way to do that is to have very, very clear Offers which is these two things here to take them to the next step.

You might have an urge to want to take them off, you not might want to look really, you just wanted to look like a, something I call a brochure website but you’re defeating the purpose of a website. A website is to give information and take people to the next step in your business process, your sales process.

Examples Of A Well Designed Websites

What I’m showing you here, let me show you a couple or really, really good examples of websites that do this really well. So here’s one. This is the Coach Marketing Machine.

This is my friend Taki Moore and he’s got the menu of the top. Now he’s got this call to action up here which is the video series which is one marketing offer and then as you come down here, he’s got calls to action on the side which is inviting people to go the next step. And also he’s got value added marketing here, so “Keeping Your Promotions Fresh”, this is talking about an upcoming event and then further down here we’ve got how to scale, “Are You A Hunter or A Builder”. These are “How to Market By Disc Profile”. These are all value add and if I click on one of these, just anyone of these, it’s going to take me to the blog. We’ve got here a video so I get to know Taki and I get to start building trust and credibility with Taki when this loads up. And also on the right we’re going to see his calls to action, so there’s video here and a call to action so when I read this and say, “Yeah, I like Taki, this is great, what happens next?” Then I got these calls to action to go to the next step, okay, that’s what you want to do. You want to put something really valuable in front of someone and then the next step.

If I show another example, the friend of mine James Schramko, SuperFastBusiness.

His website has the banner across the top with the call to action here and he’s got as you can see he’s got calls to action at the side as well and he’s also bunch this up so he’s got four in here all above the fold because he understands how important the fold is and he’s got blog posts here and now if I click on one of this which is to the weekly digest, this goes to his blog post again the call to action is across the top for people to be able to sign up to and then he’s got a digest  of his recent events and his calls to actions are here so when you read this and you want to go further you would then click on his, this link and go to the next step so that’s why you have these into link to always give a visitor an opportunity to go to the next step.

If you have any questions at all feel free to ask otherwise hopefully this has been really helpful.

This is Jamie, Technology For Coaches. Bye for now.

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