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Hey my name is Jamie and nice to meet you.

I run Technology for Coaches and you’re on this page because you’re looking for a new website or your website that you have today just isn’t working for you.

What I want to do is I want to simplify websites for you.

There’s four main types of websites and what you really need to do is pick what you want your website for and then what you should be focusing on what you specifically should be focusing on is the word in the website and getting the right types of people to that website. The actual structure of it, the way all gets together, all the technical stuff. You don’t want to worry about.

So let me talk to you the four types of websites for you. I want to give them in bullet form and then I’ll go through them in more detail.

  • Squeeze Site
  • Authority Site
  • Experience Site
  • Brochure Site

So let’s go through each one of those, shall we.

#1 – A Squeeze Site

The first one as a Squeeze Site is those websites that you’ve seen. You go to a page and really there’s nothing else to do apart from “Buy Now” or “Sign Up Now”. That’s something called a Squeeze Page and if you want that in your business that’s really easy to do yourself step by step and that’s in the Fast Track training for free.

Okay, so you can go and sign up for the Fast Track free technology training for Coaches, and you can follow the step by step on how to build a Squeeze Page. That’s number one.

#2 – An Authority Site

Number two is an Authority Site.

Now an authority site is when more and more people, more and more coaches specifically are starting to go to be the leader in their field. These are the sites that you see that have regular blog posts or even nowadays more regular videos.

A bit like this site, Technology for Coaches, where I have my videos and also the Jamie McKean site is a good example of an Authority Site – where I’m regularly looking to add value to the people who can I help with videos, blogs and just value added information.

And that builds up my authority in my space and you can do the same for you with your own Authority Site.

#3 – An Experience Site

Number three is something I call an Experience Site.

Now a good example of an Experience Site is Automating You – Automating Yourself with Technology.

An experience site is where you lead someone through steps to give them an experience.

Likely if someone in your target market doesn’t know what to do next., you can take them down a path. And so some sites like Automating You is a dedicated, experienced site to give people an experience through to an end result whereas this site Technology For Coaches is a mixture of Authority and Experience.

The Authority is built up with my blog posts to my training and the Experience is the part where you’ve got to here now I’ve led you to this point because you were looking for some help for your website. So I’ve taken you down the path for this page now.

So that’s an example of an Experience Site.

And if you’re not sure which one to go with, you either wanting to go with Authority Site to build up your credibility in your space or an Experience Site if it’s an offshoot from an Authority Site like Jamie McKean and Automating You or a mixture of the both just like this website is now.

#4 – A Brochure Site

The last one, number four is a Brochure Site.

I call it a Brochure Site and that’s basically a website that does not a lot for you and all that is it looks like a brochure. You’ll put something up there once and you pretty much forget about it – Six, twelve months, eighteen months later.

You do not want the Brochure Site.

That’s what 90+% to the websites out there are in the web. You don’t want one of those. I’m just telling you what it is that you can avoid as a coach. You are the one to build authority or you want to give your prospects an experience or possibly perfectly those two together.

Below is a link to take you to the Authority Site page, sharing more information on what you need, and examples of other Authority sites.

From here you can u can book a time with me to talk through your site, to really ask any questions you want so you can get the best for you, or ask using the ‘Support Tab’ on the top left of the page.

Okay that’s what we’re here for.

Technology for Coaches, myself and my team are here to give you the results that you need so you don’t have to worry about tech. You can just focus on serving the people you’re meant to serve and get them great results.

This is Jamie

Bye for now

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