About: Technology for Coaches

Technology for Coaches has been designed for one single reason:

“To Help As MANY Coaches Succeed Online, as humanly (and technically) as possible”


Because if my team and I can help you (the coach), help more people, then we’re able to impact many multiples of others…

…just by helping you.

A real win-win-win don’t you think? 🙂

This website, the articles and training are all aimed at that.

Making sure Online is helping, instead of hindering your success.

About: Jamie McKean

Apart from the guy who’s rueing the day when his three daughters start bringing boyfriends home (in 10+ years)?

Or the chap who fell in love with a kiwi girl in London, got drunk, and woke up in New Zealand?

Perhaps the guy who works really hard with his team, behind the scenes, on the Online Marketing of some household names in the Coaching industry (via AutomatingYou.com)?

Or lastly, the person who’s made a commitment to help AS MANY Coaches and Consultants be successful online, so they can help even more of the people they’re meant to help…?

Whichever of those you want to learn more about, visit my dedicated website here: JamieMcKean.com